Time is money, and small businesses have plenty of methods to save time without cutting corners. With the implementation of business process automation (BPA), small business owners will be able to leave the tedious, time-consuming jobs to the technology that has been made specifically to take on everyday tasks such as financial accounting, customer support, inventory management, and billing. By saving time spent on easily automated responsibilities, the small business owner can reallocate their talent to better serving clientele or working on growing your business

According to the Gartner IT Glossary, BPA is “the automation of complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities, usually through the use of advanced technologies.” In other words, BPA takes on the responsibility of streamlining tasks that can easily be completed through an application and alleviating the weight of added monotonous work from employees’ shoulders.

So just how does BPA benefit your small business?

Reallocates Employee Responsibility

When small businesses automate jobs that require minimal human intervention, employees are now able to spend time doing more profitable work rather than wasting time on things like record-keeping or billing. For example, if your account managers no longer have to worry about sending invoices to clients, they could utilize time spent to work on more pressing issues or developing deeper relationships with more clients. With an increase in hours available after implementing BPA, your small business can attract more clientele without having to expand your workforce

Reduce Human Error

It happens: people make errors. With BPA, the software takes on the bulk of the work, leaving less room for mistakes made by humans. Automating tasks doesn’t completely eliminate the need for monitoring jobs like invoicing or onboarding, but it does minimize the need for painstaking hovering over books, numbers, and new employees. Now, fewer people have to do tedious work and the business enjoys the added security of the job being done the same way every time with new software.

Humans make mistakes. Properly programmed software, won’t.

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Greater Collaboration

With faster completion of simple tasks and easily accessed information through software, collaborating with different teams across a small business is infinitely better. No longer will there be long pauses in virtual meetings where one worker is scrambling through paperwork or files to find data for the group. Now, the whole group can access it quickly, and the small business saves a lot of time. 

Business process automation allows for businesses to better spend their time to make more money. Cut down on time wasted doing monotonous tasks that are better completed by computers and reallocate employee responsibility back to work that really matters, reduce human error by allowing software to cover your bases, and promote greater collaboration by making information easily accessible to all workers at all times. Consider implementing BPA and see your small business’ success skyrocket.