Being a successful small business owner is so much more than making a profit.

A successful small business owner should be someone that inspires their employees. Embodying the traits of a role model is not a small feat, but with these five steps, you can soon be the boss that incites success in your employees.

Be so good that everyone knows it.

Clients, employees, passerbyers. The word on the street better be that you are the best in town at what you do. Being a great business owner is one thing, but being great at what you do speaks for itself. People who put trust into you and your business rely on the fact that you do your job well, so it is integral that you are known for doing an excellent job in a timely, respectful, efficient manner. No one looks up to someone who is mediocre.

See failures as learning opportunities.

    Only seeing failure as something negative leaves fewer opportunities to learn. Growth doesn’t happen only during high seasons– often the greatest growth comes from the lows, and seeing failure as a stepping stone to success sets up your small business to foster a more positive environment that promotes growth, thought, and productivity.

Be supportive even behind the scenes.

    No one likes someone who puts on a big show just to crumble behind the scenes. Drop the facade! If you promote being a supportive supervisor, be one to your employees and clientele. It is important for business owners to have a presence in their company, and it shouldn’t just be for advertisement purposes. Knowing that the business owner, the heart and soul of the business, is actively pumping blood through its veins helps everyone involved feel more confident in the everyday processes of the company.

Successful young workers completing a project

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Don’t be afraid of being modest.

    Not only do employees and clients dislike a business owner who just puts on a big show, but they also dislike one that is a show-off. A business owner that is humble, who speaks well of their business and staff, but doesn’t brag too much is one that will garner respect. Real people respect real people, so be down to earth and connect with your employees and clientele. It will get you a lot further in the long run.

Don’t just focus on the money.

    Focus on the experience. The community. The client. You are not only known for how financially successful your business is, but for how you interact with the network of people around your business. A business owner that cares about their impact on the market and the connections to the world surrounding it will be a successful business owner and role model.    A small business owner must be multifaceted in order to inspire their employees and clientele. Entrepreneurs should be more than just a show-off or money grabbers. They should be modest, supportive, and driven by both successes and failures. Running a business is complicated, and it takes a good, well-rounded leader to incite enthusiasm into their employees.