Hesitant about becoming a cloud-based business?

Moving your business from an office full of thousands of physical files to the seemingly endless space online might be scary for some business owners. Often, they express their fears of transitioning to an online system, such as being afraid of the possibility of higher expenses, potential security issues, or difficulty of access. Well, today, those concerns will be refuted. We are here to tell you that we’ve made the transition, and we aren’t looking back. Here’s five reasons why your business should already be on the cloud.

Cloud Based Systems Cut Costs

Updating your company’s data center to a cloud-based program will actually save your business money. Physical data centers cost a lot of money. Think about how much it is to house a hub for equipment that maintains company data. Then, think about how much the equipment costs. Then, how much it costs to install security measures, hire employees responsible for the system, etc. The list goes on and on! Ditch the paper files and connect to the cloud.

Cloud Based Systems Create Flexibility

Our office is increasingly moving to be web-based. That means accountants, account managers, marketing team members, and even administrative staff are working from home. This set up would be impossible without the advent of cloud-based functionality. Now, not only are our employees not restricted to only doing business from their specific computer at work, but they also aren’t confined to the average 9-5 schedule. Work better, smarter, and more efficiently on your own time with the cloud.

Cloud Based Systems Provide Better Security

Often, people are skeptical of switching to the cloud because of international data breach scares, but truthfully, your business is at a greater risk storing files on business premises or on a person’s company laptop or computer. If someone were to steal an employee’s system or break into your office, nothing would stop them from getting their hands on all of your client’s information. With cloud based systems, business owners can remotely and easily delete or move any confidential information from afar to stop data theft in its tracks.

Meeting over cloud software

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Cloud Based Systems Allow for Better File Control

By moving to the cloud, long gone are the days of constantly transferring files between emails amongst teams only for someone to lose the current version mid-project. With cloud-based software, everyone can work collectively on a project with less risk than constantly transferring a document from one person’s email to the next.

Cloud Based Systems Lend Businesses the Competitive Edge

Keep up with the competition by streamlining your business processes through the cloud. Businesses that don’t embrace the benefits of integrating technology often run the risk of falling behind, and these days it is never easier to find the technology that works best for your company. For example, in our process of expanding our virtual offices, we’ve partnered with Xero. In adopting their services, we’ve found ourselves saving both time and money through using their cloud-based services. Use Xero for online invoicing and real time expense tracking, and find that your company’s accounting gets a whole lot easier once you’ve found the right tool. Work smarter, not harder to build the best business you can.


Switching to the cloud can be a little intimidating since it takes awhile to learn new systems and processes, but with determination and some help from cloud accounting programs like Xero, we’ve found the transition into becoming an increasingly virtual firm to be quite beneficial over time. Save yourself time and money by seeking out the cloud, and notice how much better your collaboration, flexibility, and security gets when you make the move.


Want to take your business and its finances into the cloud? Let us help! Visit our get started page on our website and let us teach you how Xero will revolutionize your business.