Ever thought of hiring a freelancer but were a little hesitant? Today, let’s explore why one would outsource a job to an expert.

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Running a small business means that an entrepreneur must be crafty, thinking on his or her feet to find the best solution to a problem or project. When we need someone with a particular skill or the time to work on something specific, it is no wonder that many business owners choose to outsource a project to someone beyond their regular staff. Hiring a freelancer can be a great, cost-effective way to close out a project, and one would contract out a job for many different reasons.


Primarily, entrepreneurs would extend a job outside of their business’ doors because they need an expert to complete a project. Need a content writer? A bookkeeper? A digital artist? Sometimes, one just doesn’t have a person on staff that is totally qualified for a job, and finding someone else is the next best solution. Next time you need someone to redesign your company’s logo, remember that there are graphic designers waiting to service your need.

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Another reason a small business owner would consider hiring a freelancer would the price tag. Rather than bringing someone on staff for a specific, infrequent project and paying a salary and benefits, consider saving money by hiring someone out for the business’ occasional needs. It is a win-win-win situation: you save money on a project, a project gets done by an expert, and an expert continues to grow and thrive when given assignments.


One might also reach out to a freelancer if the project is too time consuming for someone on staff. Save time of those who are paid hourly or with a salary by hiring a freelancer. This way, you’ll keep your staff focused on their tasks, avoid burdening them with too much work, and get an assignment done in an efficient, timely manner.

Hiring a freelancer may be intimidating at first, but after seeing how beneficial it is for a small business, entrepreneurs should be able to overcome the fear of outsourcing projects. Just remember that sometimes projects that need an expert who saves the business time and money calls for someone outside of the regular staff. For your next project, think about the potential success that freelancers might bring your business.