The Four Pillars of a Thriving Online Presence

Investing in online activity is crucial to the success of small businesses. In fact, having purposeful online engagement can be the difference between a thriving and struggling business.


Last week, we discussed the surprising power of an online presence. The conclusion? Businesses need accessible material online that is not difficult for clients to navigate. That material should also be visible, or easily seen by potential customers on popular search engines.


Small businesses can do a lot to enhance their engagement online. Here are four aspects of online activity that should be the first to be addressed when improving your business’ internet presence.

1. Create a Better Website

First and foremost, small business owners should plan to create a better website. Websites that are easily navigated by possible customers are terribly important. Think of the pages you might click on throughout your day. Ever immediately go back to the search engine when the website you’ve chosen is achingly slow or cluttered with ads? That’s the exact website you should avoid owning. It make take some time and money, but it is worth investing in a good website that will represent your company well. Not only will it attract clientele, but it will keep them on your site much longer than those clunky, slow websites of your competitors.

2. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Use

Don’t forget that your company’s website can’t only look good from a desktop. Many people browse on mobile devices. Optimize your website to work well regardless of the device being used to learn about your company. Accessibility and navigability are key to enticing and maintaining clients.

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3. Post Consistent Content

Once you’ve made an attractive and comprehensive website, consider updating it regularly. Posting consistent content is one of the components to cracking search engine algorithms. Having recent, engaging content, whatever it is, pushes your company’s website closer to the top of search engine results. Your small business can post regular updates about services or products offered, weekly blogs, or even customer feedback. Research how to create effective web content and then take the initiative to fight for your place on a search engine result page to be well on your way to creating better online engagement.

4. Leverage Social Media

The last and probably most obvious step to improve your business’ online activity is to activate and utilize social media accounts. Daily, many people find businesses simply during the time that they’re already spending online. It’s easy for customers not only to stumble upon a company, but also to search for local businesses, especially on Facebook. Potential clientele use social media not only to see whether the company is active and in business but what the company offers and values, the hours the company is open for business, and as a way to easily get into contact with a company. The importance of social media in the small business world is endless. Make sure to get your business on the big platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn, and remember to update your accounts regularly.

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It takes some attention, but building a better presence and maintaining activity online will help your business attract more customers. Before getting overwhelmed by the potential power of the internet, take baby steps to strengthening your online activity. Create and optimize your company’s website to make your business’ presence accessible and comprehensible for clients. Use your improved website to post regularly content and activate and utilize social media to better your results on popular search engines. Follow these steps, and see results in your small business’ success.

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