To foster success, entrepreneurs need to create a work environment that promotes happiness, but can we find happiness when work gets to be too stressful?

Sometimes it can feel difficult to overcome the daily strains of the workplace, but by taking some pointed strides, we can work to make our days more bearable in light of everyday challenges. As entrepreneurs, we are looked up to as driven and future-focused, but occasionally, we must be in the present to be able to take the next step forward. Next time you’re feeling as if you’re overwhelmed with your workload, consider these five tips to create a happier work environment for yourself as a small business owner.

1. Take Breaks

Remember to take breaks. It is paramount that you take a step back when the going gets tough or even just regularly throughout the day. Burning your candle at both ends is the quickest way to exhaust yourself, and a boss who hasn’t taken enough time for themselves to recoup won’t be able to happily lead the workplace well.

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2. Find the Correct Employee

In that same vein of leading the office, choose the right person for the job whenever you delegate or outsource work. As leaders, we might think that we are the best person to do the job, but that is a bit close-minded. Leaders are unable to do everything, and we should know when to hand the task off to someone else who has more time and even better skills to do the job. This mindset calls on our capacity to manage time and assess our own abilities. The best small business owners know what their time is worth and what they are feasibly able to do.

3. Stay Focused

When work gets hard and our minds go astray, it might be difficult to stay focused, but it is absolutely necessary to reduce distractions and maintain our attention on what needs to get done. Consider muting notifications on your phone and setting up a “do not disturb” setting online in order to diminish any disturbance to the time that you’ve set aside to focus on work. Also, if some arguably insignificant setbacks arise, don’t pay them any more attention than they require. Sweating the small stuff wastes time that you could better spend on solving the problems. Fret less, focus more.

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4. Keep an Eye on What Matters Most

Just like staying focused on your work, it is also important to remain focused on your vision. Reconnect with your purpose as an entrepreneur to more easily direct not only yourself and your employees. Keeping an eye on what matters most to you and your company’s mission will make sure that you will feel like you’re going in the right direction.

5. Be Proud of Your Work

Lastly, make something you’re proud of as a business owner. Using your business to drive success on the market or through the community is one of the best ways to find pride as an entrepreneur, and that pride will drive you to make good decisions and find happiness as a leader. Whether it is a product or service, focus on making something great that will honor both yourself and your clients.

Finding happiness in the stress-inducing workplace can be challenging, but taking breaks, outsourcing some tasks, and remaining focused on your work will allow you to reconnect with your purpose and make something you’re proud of as an entrepreneur. Each of these facets will come together throughout the day to make work manageable and help you, as a small business owner, find happiness and promote success both for yourself and your employees.

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